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Crossovers are nothing new in the field of video game fan art. Gamers often create impressive works of art imagining what it would be like if two popular franchises were fused together. Recently, an enthusiastic fan suggested an interesting crossover between the National Hockey League Wholesale NHL Jerseys and the Pokemon franchise. In a post on Reddit, a user named ChuggernautChug recently posted an image based on the Pokemon series. However, this fan art stands out for one reason: They redesigned NHL team logos using various Pokemon. Impressively, they managed to come up with unique Pokemon redesigns for each of the league’s 32 teams. While the NHL and Pokemon franchises may seem like two things that just can’t come together, that hasn’t stopped Chuggernaut Chug from making incredible Pokemon-themed logos for each team. Some of the pocket monsters in the picture include Gengar for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ursaluna for the Minnesota Wilds, and Tentacruel for the Seattle Krakens, to name a few. In addition to the different Pokemon on display, the NHL’s logo has also been redesigned to resemble a Pokeball.

In addition to showing off the Pokemon artwork in an image on Cheap Custom NHL Jerseys, Chuggernaut Chug also revealed the origins of the project. According to Reddit users, custom nhl jerseys been working on various Pokemon-themed designs for nearly a year. They pointed out that the artwork was part of a project they were working on for a fantasy league they were involved in. Unsurprisingly, members of the Pokemon community and NHL fans on Reddit took notice of these redesigned logos for professional hockey teams. In the hours after ChuggernautChug released the artwork, many gamers have already commented on the designs. In the comments, many were impressed with how the artist was able to seamlessly blend the team’s logo with those of the numerous Pokemon. For example, one gamer liked the Vancouver hockey jersey outlet, noting that the team even wore similar colors to Pokemon in the past.

It’s often exciting to see what artwork fans have designed based on the Pokemon franchise, and it’ll also be interesting to see what the community comes up with next. For those who would like to see Chuggernaut Chug do more sports crossovers with Pokemon, the artist has revealed that they have designed another piece featuring an NFL Hockey Jerseys. Time will tell if they will try a Pokemon-themed redesign for more of the sports team logos in the coming weeks. If they do, one thing is for sure; they’re likely to impress.